Chamber Officials Say Winter Games Weekend Was Another Huge Success In Spite Of The Cancellation Of Some Highly Popular Indoor Events

Mon 2-1-2021

(Arnolds Park)-- The U of O Winter Games have drawn to a close for another year. Blain Andera, Executive Director of the Iowa Great Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce, says it was a highly successful weekend...WG Wrap01 

"You know what Steve just from our experience with the games that you know, people actually registered for, the broomball, flag football, softball, things like that, we thought everything went really, really well. It was so good to see, you know, people in the area and Smith's Bay full of ice fishing houses and stuff like that. I couldn't be more proud of my team and the chamber and everybody that, gosh Steve, the sponsors and everybody that it takes to pull something like this weekend off. It's really a boost in the arm for our economy and our local businesses."

Andera says it was very apparent there were more people in the area this year for Winter Games compared to last year, even in light of the pandemic. He's attributing that to cabin fever that was enhanced even more this year with quarantine fatigue...WG Wrap02 

"Yeah, I think people were just ready to get outside and get outdoors and out with their families and friends and enjoy the great outdoors in the Iowa Great Lakes. This certainly gave them an excuse to do that. And you know it was hard with, you know, cancelling the chili feed and the Chocolate Classic and, you know, some of those things. We're certainly hopeful we can just get back to normal for next year and have Winter Games, all the events that we've had in the past."

When it comes to that, Andera says planning for next year has already started.