Central Iowa Man Who's Trial Was Moved To Dickinson County Pleads Guilty To Kidnapping & Child Endangerment

Wed 7-10-2019

(Eldora, Ia.)-- A man and woman accused of confining the man's son in a basement in central Iowa have taken plea deals.

Hardin County District Court records say 31-year-old Alex Shadlow pleaded guilty Monday to kidnapping and two counts of child endangerment. Prosecutors lowered the kidnapping charge in return for Shadlow's pleas. 

His girlfriend, 40-year-old Traci Tyler, pleaded guilty to three counts of child endangerment causing serious injury. She was found guilty in April of misdemeanor false imprisonment. 

Sentencing dates haven't been set. 

Prosecutors say Tyler and Shadlow locked his eight-year-old son in a space beneath the basement stairs of their home in Ackley for atleast nine hours a day in the summer of 2017. The boy told authorities he slept on concrete, had no access to a bathroom and wasn't provided food. 

Shadlow's trial had been moved to Dickinson county on a change of venue.