Candlelight Service Of Remembrance To Be Held Thurs. (Dec. 5th) In Spencer

Tue 12-3-2019

(Spencer)-- A special event later this week in Spencer is intended to help those who have lost a loved one recently. Colleen Paulson, Director of Hospice at Spencer Hospital, says they'll be holding their annual Candlelight Service of Remembrance this Thursday (Dec. 5th) evening at 6:30 pm at First Christian Church in Spencer...Colleen Paulsen 

"It's a candlelight service and it provides a time for anyone to reflect and celebrate the loss of a loved one. We like to do this during the holidays because holidays tend to be time of family and so it gives us all a time to reflect on any of those loved ones that we lost in the past."

Paulsen says the service is not just for families and friends of hospice patients. She adds that all people are invited.