Campus Video To Close; Owner Hopes To Replace It With Can Redemption Center

Tue 7-10-2018

(Milford)-- It's the end of an era for a Milford Business.

Thomas Sangel is closing Campus Video, and says he hopes to open a can redemption center at the store's current location...Thomas Sangel on closing campus video 

"We're going out of business and we're selling off all of our inventory and as soon as that gets done, hopefully in about a month, we're going to start a new can redemption, and I've heard a lot of people are wanting it, so hopefully it will do well."

He says he has ordered special equipment and hopes to open in August...Thomas Sangel on hopes to open in August 

"I'm going to try and get the can redemption started mid to late August. I've ordered a specialty machine to count the cans, it's coming out of New York."

He added that he will seek permitting through the Iowa DNR for the operation.