Broken Gas Main Makes For Some Tense Moments In Spirit Lake

Fri 6-26-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- Some tense moments late yesterday (Thurs.) in Spirit Lake. Spirit Lake Fire Chief Pat Daly says some residents had to be evacuated from their homes and the area cordoned off after crews working on the Erie Avenue project accidentally severed a natural gas main in the area of 20th Street and Erie Avenue...Broken gas main01 

"We got the call about 4:45. They hit about a six inch main. The gas company was there, they were trying to figure out how to get it patched. They didn't have the stuff for the six inch so we waited there like two hours and then they were bringing in a crew from Council Bluffs. They left Council Bluffs at 9:00 last night and were supposed to be three to fours to get here then they were going to fix it."

Daly says the main had about 700 to 800 pounds of pressure in it, causing a lot of gas to leak into the air. Fortunately he says there no extenuating circumstances that could have cause something really bad to happen...Broken gas main02 

"And the wind was kind of in our favor, so we kind of dealt with that and just tried to keep some people back. Everybody wanted to go back in their house and there was certain houses they just couldn't go back to right then, so."

Firefighters were on the scene until a little before 6:00 am this (Friday) morning. They were assisted by the Spirit Lake Police Department, Dickinson County Emergency Management and the Spirit Lake Public Works Department.