BRASL, Bike Ride Around Spirit Lake, To Be Held Saturday (7/6)

Fri 7-5-2019

(Spirit Lake)-- The annual Bike Ride Around Spirit Lake, or BRASL, will be held tomorrow (Saturday). Nancy Vierkant is with the Spirit Lake Chamber of Commerce which puts on the event. She says you'll be able to sign up tomorrow (Saturday) prior to the event and that there will once again be three different routes to choose from...BRASL01 

"We do take day-of registrations which will be from 7:00 until 9:00 tomorrow. We offer a 15, 25 and 50 mile route so there's something for everyone; something that's family friendly, something for some of those that are training for RAGBRAI and everything in between. The route starts from downtown Spirit Lake right on Hill Avenue and you'll get started on your route and we take registration the day-of as well. We do also, the registration is $30. It includes a t-shirt, it includes $10 to go to lunch at any of our chamber members, as well as staffed rest stops with food and water, and the map itself. So it's a great ride, we've had huge success in the past and we really look forward to tomorrow's event."

Vierkant says last year's event drew more than 300 participants...BRASL02 

"Last year we had a great year with about 330 riders which is a great ride for us, so we're hoping to get there again. Of course all of the money that we get from registration we do support the chamber events as well as we make a nice donation to the trails, so that's an important factor as well. So we hope to get a lot of people there to come out and support the ride and support our trails."

Vierkant also reminds motorists to be extra alert tomorrow (Saturday)...BRASL03 

"We do have them take off at two different times, so the 25 and 50 mile routes start at 7:30 and the 15 mile route leaves at 9:00. So we do separate them a little bit so that they aren't all out there at once at the same time on the trails so that does help. So certainly yeah, we want everyone to be safe tomorrow."

Registration site will be in front of Sportsmans in downtown Spirit Lake.