Bottle Bill Study Stymied

Thu 1-14-2016 []

(Des Moines)-- Don’t look for a resolution any time soon to issues evolving around Iowa’s bottle bill and how to make redemption centers profitable. Several centers have been forced to close, saying they can’t afford to operate on the one cent per can they collect. Others say they’ll soon have to close if nothing is done. The lakes area and Dickinson county have been without a redemption center since this past July, when the owner of the center suddenly passed away. No one has stepped forward to take over the center, saying that given the current arrangement it just isn’t feasible.    

State Representative John Wills was appointed to oversee a legislative committee that was assigned to look into the matter prior to the start of the current session. He says the committee needs more time to do a more thorough study...Bottle Bill Study01    

But, Wills says they still haven’t heard from leadership as to if the committee will even be reassigned...Bottle Bill Study02 

Lawmakers say it’s highly unlikely they’ll take up anything to do with the bottle bill this session, especially without any recommendations from a committee.