Bob Shaw named Spirit Lake Noon Kiwanis Citizen of the Years

Tue 12-17-2019 Spirit Lake, IA

(Spirit Lake)-The Spirit Lake Noon Kiwanis Club has awarded their Citizen of the Years Award to Bob Shaw.

Club spokesman Kim Wermersen says the award is fitting for the longtime resident of the Lakes community. 

Kim Wermersen on Bob Shaw cut 1 

"The Citizen of the Years Award is an award that the Spirit Lake Noon Kiwanis does annually at our Christmas Party, and we recognize someone from within the community that has several years of service commitment to the area.  Bob is one of those people who has done so many great things over a number of years that he's just a natural fit for the award."

Wermersen adds that the award is for years of commitment. 

kim Wermersen on Bob Shaw cut 2 

"A lot of people get that mixed up and think, gee I had a great year, but this is actually years of commitment and service to our area, so its folks usually that have been doing things for a really long time, 20 to 30 years or more, and Bob certainly has done that."

Bob Shaw is a former teacher, coach and businessman.