Blazing Pines Still To Be Held This Saturday (Jan. 9th) But With Some Changes Due To Covid

Tue 1-5-2021

(Spencer)-- Spencer's “Love Where You Live” organization will be putting on their “Blazing Pines” event for a second year. Nancy Naeve says it will be held at 6:00 pm this Saturday at West Leech Park in Spencer...Naeve03 

"And so last year we had smores and the Blazing Pines. This year we had to modify because of the pandemic. So we're still going to do the Blazing Pines, it's like Burning of the Greens up at the lakes, and that's going to be at 6:00 in West Leech Park. So what we need from everybody now that you're taking down your Christmas decorations, if you have a live Christmas tree that you want to take somewhere or a wreath, it just can't have any metal, ornaments or wrapping paper, take it, you can dump it for free at West Leech Park and then the Spencer Fire Department helps us light it up at 6:00 on Saturday night and it's fun to just kind of hang out by this giant bonfire."

Naeve says ice skating will still be available at East Leech Park, but you'll need to bring your own skates.

She adds natural trees and garland should be dropped off at West Leech Park before 6:00 pm this Saturday. Naeve says you'll also be able to toss your 2020 calendars into the fire. Just make sure they don't have any metal attached to them.