Billy McGuigan's Rave On: The Buddy Holly Experience August 6, Billy & The Downliners August 7

Sat 8-3-2019 Okoboji,IA

(Okoboji)-The multi-talented Billy McGuigan will bring two shows to the Iowa Great Lakes next week, with his Rave on: The Buddy Holly Experience at the Pearson Lakes Art Center Tuesday night, and Billy and The Downliners at The Roof Garden on Wednesday evening.

McGuigan says he got his start when he was cast in The Buddy Holly Story at the Omaha Playhouse 16 years ago. 

Billy McGuigan cut 1 on RAve On 


"I did the play, about 450 performances of that show throughout the country, and though I loved doing it, I sometimes just wanted the music, I didn't want all the play part.  I didn't want to see how he fell in love and all that kind of stuff, I just loved his music so much.  So, I put my own show together, Rave On, which has been touring since 2004 and there's nothing like it.  It's just 2 hours of that great 50s music."

He adds that the show at the Roof Garden will feature a wide variety of music. 

Billy McGuigan cut 2 Downliners 

"This is my touring band.  We headline for Celebrity cruise ships, and we kind of needed a band name, because we were doing the greatest hits of all my shows so we came up with Billy & The Downliners.  Downliners are people on cruise ships that come in the middle of cruises, they call them downliners.  We play everything, so 50s to 80s, a little 90s.  It is just the most fun rock and roll band I've ever been a part of with the greatest people."

Billy McGuigan's Rave On will start at 7:30 Tuesday evening at the Pearson Lakes Art Center, with Billy & The Downliners Wednesday evening at the Roof Garden Ballroom also starting at 7:30.

Hear the full interview:

Billy McGuigan interview 

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