Bill That Would Limit Number Of Boats Within Certain Distances Of Each Other Triggers Controversy

Mon 1-25-2016 []

(Okoboji)-- A bill that’s been introduced in the Iowa Legislature that would limit the number of boats that could be tied off in a given area of a lake is generating controversy in the Iowa Great Lakes. The measure was introduced in the House by Representative John Wills. Wills tells KUOO news he introduced the bill after getting concern from those who say large numbers of boats in small areas are causing safety issues...Boat Tie Off01    

Wills differs with those who feel the law would be impossible to enforce...Boat Tie Off02   

Okoboji businessman Butch Parks is among those opposed to the measure...Boat Tie Off03   

While the bill was not brought up during Saturday’s legislative forum at the Pearson Lakes Art Center, it was a topic of one-on-one conversations following the forum.