Bike Ride Among Events Planned For Terril Fun Days & Quasi Plus One Celebration July 30th-August 1st

Mon 7-19-2021

(Terril)-- Another big event being planned in conjunction with Terril Fun Days and the Quasi Plus One celebration is the annual bike ride. Organizer Tim Fairchild says this year's ride is taking on a bit of a twist...Tim Fairchild & Bikeride01 

"So we were going to ride 125 miles plus one to make up for last year, all on gravel. But then we decided that's just too far. So we've switched it to 125 kilometers plus one, which is going to be just under 78 miles, and then we're going to have two shorter routes too, a 12 and a 40 mile ride. All of them are real nice routes. Unique this year will be what we call charity checks. The ride is not a race, but the first person to complete the 125 kilometer race is going to get a check made out to the charity of their choice for $200; the first place to do the 40 mile race is going to get 100, and the 12 mile race is going to get 50. If you're like me, an idea of a race is actually irrelevant. I just like to ride my speed and enjoy the trip. You don't have to feel like you're in a race to do this. Sit back and have a good time."

There are several ways you can get signed up...Tim Fairchild & Bikeride02 

"The first, the best one, would be just to hit the Terril Quasi page on Facebook. The next would be contact Fairchild Welding at 712-853-6118 or and either of those ways we can get you registered. It's $30 for registration for the rides. They're all the same price."

Fairchild says participants for the ride should gather by 7:00 am Saturday, July 31st at Fairchild Welding on the north side of Terril. He says the routes will follow roads with very low traffic volumes.