Bedell Family YMCA To Participate In National Campaign To Protect Children From Sexual Abuse

Thu 10-15-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- The Bedell Family YMCA will be participating in a national campaign later this month to raise awareness and inspire adults to protect children from sexual abuse. Cindy Rosa, Director of Development and Engagement for the local YMCA says the “Five Days of Action” will be held October 26th-30th...Cindy Rosa01 

"So we are just really going to share some resources, some links. There's a quick training that they offer just some resources on online safety. We know that our kids are doing a lot more things online these days. So just keeping kids safe online. Kind of as a family, as a whole, what is your code of conduct. You know, how do adults deal with the extra stressers, now, too with, you know, trying to navigate Coronavirus and quarantines and everything that goes along with that."

And while statistics show reports of child sexual abuse are down, Rosa says it's deceptive...Cindy Rosa02 

She says another deception that's out there is that many people think areas such as ours are immune to the problem...Cindy Rosa03 

Rosa says the YMCA's participation in the awareness campaign fits in with their strong kids, strong families, strong communities theme.