Bars, Indoor Dining, Theatres, Bowling Alleys, Adult & Youth Sports Among Those To Temporarily Shut Down Under New COVID Restrictions In Minnesota

Wed 11-18-2020

(St. Paul, Mn.)-- Some new restrictions to try to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 will go into affect at 11:59 pm Friday in Minnesota.

Bars, restaurants, fitness centers, adult and youth sporting events, bowling alleys, movie theatres, BINGO halls, receptions, private parties and outdoor entertainment venues will all be shutdown for four weeks. The order also limits household gatherings to immediate family members only. Governor Tim Walz says the exponential spread of the virus is having a significant impact on healthcare providers, long term care facilities, and public safety...Walz01 (1) 

"We've activated over 400 Minnesota National Guard and are training them to be able to go in as triage teams when a facility calls in one morning and says we've got nobody that can go into the facility to do the basic care, the feeding and aiding and the basic care of our parents. And we're seeing now fire departments, police departments, are being hit incredibly hard. In some cases they don't have the capacity now to be able to respond to basic community safety issues: a fire, something where someone needs a police officer to respond. They don't have the staff to be there. That's what this surge means. That's what uncontrolled community spread means and that's the situation that we're in."

Walz says schools will continue to operate under their current scenarios, as well as child care providers and salons. Restaurants will still be allowed to offer takeout. Places of worship also will not be impacted under the new restrictions.

Walz admitted the new restrictions will be a challenge but he says they are crucial and pleaded with Minnesotans to persevere...Walz02 (2) 

"What's always pulled us through this is our grit, our sense of community and our belief that it matters what we do can positively impact our neighbors. So I'm asking you one more time, Minnesota, let's pause some of the social stuff, let's be smart, let's mask up, let's get through these next few weeks and let's get to the point again where we can celebrate the things that we really care about."

Walz also called on federal lawmakers to pass another stimulus package to help small business owners being so negatively impacted.