Bank Midwest to Host Ag Seminar at AGCO In Jackson

Thu 11-17-2016 []

(Jackson, Mn.)-- Area farmers are being urged to attend an agricultural seminar later this month in Jackson. Dan Hummel is with Bank Midwest, which is putting on the event which starts at 9:30 am November 29th at AGCO in Jackson...Hummel01 

"The bank's been sponsoring these for years and we try to provide it as an educational piece to our ag producers. We're really excited to team up with AGCO at the Intivity Center up there in Jackson. We're going to couple that with some plant tours so people can see what's going on behind the scene at AGCO. Our main speaker for the day is Michael Swanson. He's an agricultural economist from Wells Fargo. I think people will really enjoy his comments on what's going on in agriculture today."

Hummel says Dan Greder, an agricultural marketing advisor, will also be speaking...Hummel02 

"Dan has had 20 years with Sciota Trading and he's been an agricultural lender as well. He's going to give us some insight into what he thinks is going to happen to these grain and livestock markets. I think it should prove to be a pretty good day and pretty educational day for all of our customers and anyone who's interested in attending."

Anyone planning to attend should pre-register by Friday, November 18th by calling 888-902-5662.