Authorities Warn Of Several New Scams Making The Rounds

Tue 7-2-2019

(Spencer)-- Area authorities are alerting the public to some new scams making the rounds.

The Clay County Sheriff's Office says it's had reports from people getting calls stating that a vehicle was supposedly rented in their name and was involved in a “homicide” in Texas, and that you're wanted. The caller asks for personal information and tells you to stop at your local Sheriff's Office to verify the warrants. Authorities say it's a scam and that you should not provide the information requested.

Officials say they've also had reports from people getting animated calls from what's purported to be the Social Security Administration stating that someone has scammed their Social Security account. They are then asked to push a button to continue and are asked for personal information. Authorities say you should NOT give any of that information. Instead, they say you should contact the Social Security Administration to report you received such a call.

Another one involves a call some people have been getting stating they've won a prize and need to send a money order to claim their winnings. Authorities say that, too, is a scam.