Authorities Warn Of New Scam

Thu 2-15-2018

            (Estherville)-- Police in Estherville are alerting the public to another new scam making the rounds. Police say they received a report Wednesday from a bank regarding a phone call claiming to be from Microsoft or Apple that advises the victim there is some type of problem with their computer. The victim is asked to allow the criminal to log in to their computer using a “remote log in” tool. The victim eventually receives a very large bill for their services.

Authorities say the criminals then may send large amounts of money back to the victim's account and ask that the victim send them money back in the form of money orders or gift cards. The suspects may also ask the victim to log into their bank accounts to access their user names and passwords.

Police say the scammers are very authentic sounding and are very persistent.

Authorities say you should never answer phone calls or emails from people you don't know and that you should never divulge bank account numbers or user names and passwords to anyone on the phone or online. If you need computer repair, you should contact a local, reputable firm. Authorities say if you question whether or not something is legitimate to call your bank or police. They also say you should never send money or gift cards to anyone you don't know or are not doing legitimate business with.