Authorities Trying To Find Source Of Petroleum Smell In Milford Sewer System

Wed 2-12-2020

(Milford)-- A strong odor of a petroleum type product in the sanitary sewer system has officials taking some special precautions in Milford. Mayor Steve Anderson, who's also Superintendent of the Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District tells KUOO news crews have been detecting the odor coming from a lift station on the south side of Milford...Sewer Petroleum Smell01 

"It's a concern that we don't know what it is and we've got the DNR is working with us, the Milford Public Works is working with us, Emergency Management is on site, the Milford Police Department is there helping us, the Fire Department, the Milford Fire Department is also there. We're trying to figure out what's going on, where this is coming from, because gas in the sewer line, it's a confined space and if that builds up in there and something sparks or something it could be real bad. So we're not sure what it is. We've got everyone working on it trying to track it down right now."

Anderson says they're asking residents and business owners in Milford, especially those south of County Road A-34 or 13th Street, to take some extra precautions...Sewer Petroleum Smell02 

"In the basements, if there's a floor drain, just dump a gallon of water down the floor drain or in the showers, or in the sinks, anything that's hooked up to the sewer system. Just make sure that you run some water in there, make sure we've got some water in that trap and that will prevent gases from going back up in there."

Anderson says crews are currently working to ventilate the sewer system. He says for the time being they aren't anticipating any evacuations, but he says they are continuing to closely monitor the situation.