Authorities On The Scene Of Another Train Derailment In Sioux County

Thu 8-1-2019

(Hull)-- The cleanup continues following a derailment Wednesday evening in Sioux county of a Burlington Northern Santa Fe train. The Sioux County Sheriff's Office says 25 cars of the 83 car train derailed around 8:30 pm about five miles northwest of Hull. 

Officials say the train was hauling refrigerated meat, freight, rock and denatured alcohol products. They say one of the cars with the denatured alcohol did have a slow leak, adding that it was contained and that there was no immediate danger. Captain Jamie Van Voorst told news partner KTIV in Sioux City that they've cordoned off the area as a precaution...Jamie Vanvoorst 

"There's not an immediate danger, but they don't want to have people driving through and you know causing any fire, spark, anything like that, so the crews can get in there and be uninterrupted."

A train derailed just a few miles away on that same rail line in June of last year. Vegetation and soil that was contaminated by a petroleum byproduct that was spilled as a result of that derailment wound up in a local landfill east of Arnolds Park, causing some controversy at the time.

(Courtesy news partner KTIV in Sioux City.) (Photo courtesy Sioux County Sheriff's Office.)