Audit Turns Up Improper Disbursements By Former City Clerk Of Harris

Fri 3-4-2016

(Harris)-- A special report by the State Auditor’s Office into the finances of the city of Harris has turned up some discrepencies. The report by Auditor of State Mary Mosiman has turned up some $12,758 of improper or undocumented disbursements of taxpayer funds.    

The report indicates the improper spending by former City Clerk Robin Baumgarn happened between July 1st, 2011 and September 30th, 2014. The Harris City Council requested the special audit after reports surfaced of misspent funds.    

Among them is self-payments to Baumgarn for $2,682 and $561, along with a payment of $7,345 to the city’s former water superintendent, Vic McKenna, who was serving on the city council at the time. It also shows an improper payment of $150 was made to city Treasurer Dixie McKenna.   

The report includes recommendations to strengthen the city’s internal controls and operations and ensures that all disbursements are presented to the city council for approval.    

The report can be found at the State Auditor’s website.