Arnolds Park Voters To Decide In November Whether To Increase Hotel/Motel Tax From 5 To 7 Percent

Wed 8-22-2018

(Arnolds Park)-- Voters in the city of Arnolds Park in November will decide whether or not the city's Hotel/Motel Tax should be increased.

Meeting in special session Wednesday afternoon, the city council adopted a resolution that will go before the voters which if approved, would increase the Hotel/Motel Tax from 5 percent currently to 7 percent. Mayor Jim Hussong tells KUOO news Arnolds Park is one of the few communities in the state and in Dickinson county that is still at the 5 percent rate...AP Lodging Tax01 

"Well a lot of it is that 90 percent of all of Iowa is at 7 percent now and we're one of the biggest tourism places in Iowa and it only makes sense that we were to raise the percentage up to 7 percent, and that 7 percent isn't coming out of any of the residents here, that's from the people that are coming to visit our area and using what we have available for them, and they're paying through their taxes from the motel/hotel."

Hussong says estimates have indicated the increase would bring in substantially more revenue to the city of Arnolds Park...AP Lodging Tax02 

"What we're looking at is probably $162,000 more that we can do for funding for parks, for recreation, for different areas that need it that we all enjoy but the visitors would basically be footing the bill."

Hussong says it was important the council act now in order to get the measure on the ballot this fall...AP Lodging Tax03 

"That's why we're doing it now is that we have to have it out so many months beforehand and then the voters are going to look at it in November and decide whether or not they feel this is a good idea."

The council had until August 29th in which to adopt the resolution in order to have the matter put on the ballot with the November election.