Arnolds Park & Okoboji Town Clean-up Days June 5

Wed 5-31-2017

(Okoboji)-It's Town Clean-up Day for Okoboji and Arnolds Park on Monday, KUOO's Becky Thoreson has details:

Arnolds Park & Okoboji Town Clean-up Days June 5 

The cities of Arnolds Park and Okoboji will hold their town clean-up days on Monday, June 5.

Arnolds Park City Clerk Wanda Thielen says it's important to get tags in advance for appliances and electronics.  "Those things can't be taken out to the landfill, so they have to be taken down to our recycle center, which charges the city, so therefore we have to charge our customers.  What we do is give them a break on clean-up day.  For example, like an air conditioner would be $15, but on clean-up day we give them a break for $10.  So, most appliances and electronics they would need the tags.  We ask them to purchase the tags prior to that date, so if they could come in this week and pick up the tags, that would be great."

Okoboji City Administrator Jason Peters notes that hazardous materials will not be accepted.  "Household hazardous waste stuff will not be picked up either, so like batteries, paints, insecticide cans, stuff like that."

Officials suggest that residents contact their City Hall with any questions.

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NOTE: Tags are available for special pick-up year around.