Arnolds Park & Okoboji Moving Ahead With Grant Application For Stop Light Networking Project

Fri 7-16-2021

(Arnolds Park)-- Two lakes area cities are applying for a grant for a project they say would better coordinate the flow of traffic on Highway 71 between 202nd Street (just south of Emerald Hills), and Stakeout Road in Okoboji. It would allow stoplights through that area to be networked through a series of fiber optic cables. 

The Arnolds Park and Okoboji City Councils authorized the grant application at their respective meetings earlier this week.

The installation of conduit and fiber optic cable would take place with the upcoming Highway 71 project. As we reported previously, that project will include installation of two sets of stoplights at the entrance to the Arnolds Park Amusement Park, as well as at Linden Drive in Arnolds Park.