Arnolds Park City Council Reviews Plans For New Parking Lot Adjacent To Preservation Plaza

Wed 5-8-2019

(Arnolds Park)-- The Arnolds Park City Council Wednesday evening reviewed plans for additional parking adjacent to the green space area at Preservation Plaza, just east of the Maritime Museum. Jeff Vierkant, CEO of Historic Arnolds Park, Incorporated, told the council the final approvals have been granted allowing the project to proceed...Vierkant01 (1) 

"Because that land is under a conservation easement we had to get approval from the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation as well as the Andrea Waitt Carlton Foundation who were involved in that conservation easement. They have provided approval for us to proceed with that parking lot. So at this time the HAPI Board has also voted to proceed with it."

Vierkant says the lot will have 60 parking spots in it with an additional 37 along West Broadway. He told the council they're planning to have the parking lot itself done by this coming 4th of July, with the project along the side of the street not getting underway until fall.

Vierkant added the Board of Directors of Historic Arnolds Park, Incorporated have awarded a contract on the project, at a cost of $763,228, below initial estimates of $1 million to $1.2 million.

Vierkant says the project, once completed, will allow for plenty of advantages...Vierkant02 (1) 

"We think the primary benefits of course are going to be it's going to help with the capacity problem with parking on those surge times; it's going to reduce congestion coming in and out of that lot. Right now if you come in and out of that lot it's very narrow, it's hard to get a car turned around in the existing one. It will improve pedestrian safety with a designated walkway in the green space; eliminates that low area, again today's probably a good day to go look at it where that water comes down and that mud just kind of forms there. And it improves disability access to the north end of the property and Preservation Plaza; and we think it's going to look nicer, too."

Vierkant requested the city consider contributing to the project financially to help defray the cost. The council took the matter under advisement.