Arnolds Park City Council Re-Visits One-Way Traffic Near Central Emporium

Wed 9-11-2019

(Arnolds Park)-- The Arnolds Park City Council this past spring voted to make traffic one way on Lakeshore Drive in the area of the Central Emporium under the premise it would re-visit the issue this fall to see how it worked. And that's exactly what the council did Wednesday evening. They did hear concern from the President of the West Oaks Condominium Association who said it's resulted in people parking illegally in their parking areas and that it's caused issues for trucks unloading merchandise at the Emporium...One Way Discussion01 

"It isn't just the truckers, it's the people that decide, that are coming to go to the emporium or whatever, but in the past they could go down there and atleast search for a parking place. Now they don't even search. They just pull right in to ours and unless we hire somebody to stand out there in our parking lot there's no way to stop them. They're in their car in about five minutes and they're gone. We don't know who they are."

A woman who supported the one-way traffic said if it's changed, there could be issues with congestion...One Way Discussion02 

"If it's otherwise I could see this traffic being backed up in front of the Central Emporium and people just sitting there for long periods of time. But of course that would be on the busy times."

After some further discussion the council opted not to make any changes to the one-way traffic flow.