Arnolds Park City Council Discusses Possible Expansion Of City Hall

Thu 3-12-2020

(Arnolds Park)-- A possible expansion of City Hall has the city of Arnolds Park looking at the possibility of juggling around some urban renewal districts to help out with the project. City spokesman Ron Walker says the city has already acquired land east of the present City Hall...City Hall Expansion01 

"Well the plan is to add onto the fire station or build a stand-alone fire station. We're looking at two options to the east of the city hall and then remodel the city hall proper into a library, Police Department, city offices and expand some of those programs. The property that we have is three residential lots that have been purchased to the east of the present city hall property and those lots are in our urban renewal district 2. The city hall property itself is in urban renewal district 1. So we need to remove the city hall property from the first district and place it into the second district because it matches the purpose of that district better, because we've cured some blight, we've taken down three old cabins, and will expand the city operation into that which fits that urban renewal better than the economic development district it is presently in."

Walker says talk of expanding at the current location were resurrected after the city lost out in bidding for the middle school property...City Hall Expansion02 

"The city was interested in perhaps, and did bid on the middle school, so we were up in the air on whether to remodel this or actually do something at that other location. And since that property sold to a private bidder, it took that option off the table and back to looking at the expansion here."

The Arnolds Park City Council Wednesday evening decided to form a committee to better define a plan for the city hall expansion project...City Hall Expansion03 

"They'll look at the needs for as far as library size, as far as the Fire Department size, what kind of programs and amenities they actually need here. Right now we've been here 20 years and programs have grown quite drastically over that period of time."

Walker says the city has not yet identified a possible time frame for the project.