Arnolds Park City Council Authorizes Imaging Iowa Great Lakes To Proceed With Design Concepts For Two Crosswalk Murals

Thu 2-11-2021

(Arnolds Park)-- Two crosswalks on West Broadway in Arnolds Park will be getting a little more colorful this upcoming spring and summer. The City Council Wednesday evening authorized Imagine Iowa Great Lakes to complete design concepts for murals to be painted on pedestrian crossings. One would be near the Central Emporium and another near the wine bar. Michelle Goodenow of Imagine Iowa Great Lakes told the council the goal would be to have them done in May, prior to Memorial Day weekend...Crosswalk Murals01 

"The artist would be a professional artist chosen off our mural roster that we, you know, put together earlier this year to select for murals in the area that are being painted. If you chose to move forward with this the final designs for the street painting would be approved by the city council and both the Imagine board and the city council. I kind of consider this a pilot project and only do one or two crosswalks initially to determine how long the street murals are going to last and the harsh winter elements with the traffic, with, you know, snowplows."

Goodenow added there would be no expense to the city and that Imagine Iowa Great Lakes would be responsible for maintenance...Crosswalk Murals02 

"They're beautiful when they're initially done but ideally they would be painted on brand new, a freshly paved road and obviously that's not the case for us here. But there's a certain type of paint, there's a sealant, there are all kinds of, there's a lot of research and a lot of cities do these."

In other business, the Arnolds Park City Council set the city's maximum property tax levy for the upcoming fiscal year's budget at $4.45 per $1,000 of valuation, the same as last year. The action was taken following a public hearing. With increased valuation factored in, city officials say it will generate roughly $1.39 million, up from $1.2 million previously. A public hearing on the proposed budget was set for March 10th.