Arnolds Park City Council Approves Re-Zoning; Discusses Parking Issues At Claire Wilson Park

Thu 6-10-2021

(Arnolds Park)-- Another family owned and operated resort in the Iowa Great Lakes may be headed into history.

The Arnolds Park City Council Wednesday evening approved a recommendation from the city's Planning and Zoning Commission to rezone a small piece of land that's within the same parcel of land where the Dry Dock and Four Seasons Resort are located, so the entire property is zoned the same. The discrepancy was discovered as the owners of the property were doing their due diligence in making preparations to put the land, including that where the resort and restaurant are located, up for sale.

In other business, the council discussed parking concerns at Claire Wilson Park. Mayor Jim Hussong says the city has been getting a lot of complaints about the lot being full most days...Hussong061001 

"There's some concerns that there's people parking there that maybe employed somewhere around in town and they're using that as a parking lot and that so visitors aren't able to come in there because the parking lot's always full and we're just trying to figure out ways to resolve that. There's been a lot of complaints basically coming in to us that people that want to park there to either go fishing or hop onto the trail for little while real quick, are not able to."

Hussong says the city will be contacting the DNR with the concerns, which has jurisdiction over the park...Hussong061002 

"Right now as I understand it they are handing out warnings and possibly will be giving out tickets for staying there too long or staying overnight at the parking lot."

The council also approved an ordinance revision that will allow food trucks and other vendors to temporarily set up shop at a city park for a weekend event coming up this fall at Central Park.