Arnolds Park City Council Adopts Revised Snowmobile/ATV/Golf Cart Ordinance; Approves Recycling Agreement With County

Thu 2-13-2020

(Arnolds Park)-- Another lakes area city has revised its rules pertaining to the usage of all terrain vehicles, snowmobiles and golf carts.

The Arnolds Park City Council Wednesday evening approved an ordinance revision that allows the operation of those vehicles 24 hours, so long as they have functioning headlights and tailights. City officials say the revised ordinance mirrors the rules of neighboring cities and the county.

The Arnolds Park City Council also approved a contractual arrangement with the county for recycling. The county will provide a monetary incentive to the city in exchange for allowing residents in the unincorporated areas of the county to utilize the city's recycling drop-off site. The approval is contingent upon some legal language being clarified. The agreement is to become effective this coming July 1st.

The county has offered similar contractual agreements to four other cities that also have recycling drop-off locations.