Arnold's Park Amusement Park to open for season May 17

Fri 5-16-2014

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A sign of the season, Arnold's Park Amusement Park will open its gates on Saturday, although as Marketing and Communications Manager Di Lorenzen explains, a sneak peak is on tap Friday evening:

"We do that sneak peak.  Northwest Bank is sponsoring our Friday night kind of preview, Family Fun Free Night.
So, if you have a season membership, you get in at 4 o'clock, and if you don't have a season membership, you can go to a Northwest Bank and pick up a coupon for your family to come in and join us at 5 o'clock, and we're open until 7, so that's Friday night."

She notes that the Park will open on Saturday morning at 11 o'clock, including the renovated Roller Coaster:

"The raceway and the Park both open at 11 o'clock this year.   You have to come down and ride the Roller Coaster, the 'Legend' is fabulous now that we've got it all renovated.
We have spent the last couple of winters getting that project done and we spent about a million dollars on that project, and it is worth every dime!"

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