Arnolds Park Amusement Park Cancels June Roof Garden Shows And Live At The Lakes Concerts On Preservation Plaza

Thu 5-21-2020

(Arnolds Park)-- The Arnolds Park Amusement Park announced today (Thurs.) it is cancelling its June Live at the Lakes series of concerts on Preservation Plaza as well as the June shows in the Roof Garden Ballroom. Marketing Director Paul Plumb tells KUOO news it was a very difficult decision but he says they feel it was the right one to make...Plumb & Cancellations01 

"We know the public loves that and frankly we love it ourselves. You know as the staff down here that's one of our favorite things that we do and just hated to do it but we felt it was the right thing to do with the number of people that can gather right now, those restrictions, and you know, those bands need to know their information too, what they can do and just really, like you said, it was really a tough decision to make but one we felt was probably the right thing to do right now."

Plumb says they're working with the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra and The Lettermen on new dates for those concerts in the Roof Garden. He says once that's been done, ticketholders will be contacted regarding options.

The first Live at the Lakes Concert of the season was set for Saturday, June 6th and would have featured the group “Free Fallin'”. Plumb says they're still hoping to hold the rest of the Live At the Lakes Concerts later in the summer...Plumb & Cancellations02 

"We're holding out hope that those will still happen. Right now they're still a go and we're just kind of in that wait and see mode to see what kind of restrictions are lifted between now and then."

Regarding the amusement park itself, even though the rides will be closed yet this weekend in compliance with the Governor's proclamation, Plumb says there will still be plenty going on...Plumb & Cancellations03 

"We're hoping to have part of the boardwalk open so people can come down and check that out. We will still have some construction fence up in the area of Preservation Plaza. We just poured some concrete out there in the last few hours to get that huge step forward in that project and it looks really nice. It's going to be a huge improvement all in front of the whole park on the Preservation Plaza there and we're just excited about how that's turning out. I will mention we are having, with some restrictions, the Farmer's Market Saturday morning 8:30 to 12:30, and a lot of our Queen Two shops, Queen's Court shops, will be open Saturday and this weekend also, so."

Plumb reminds everyone of the construction that's ongoing along the Arnolds Park waterfront and encourages everyone to stay out of those areas.