Arnolds Park Amusement Park Announces Plans To Construct New $4.5 Million Stage At Preservation Plaza

Fri 6-4-2021

(Arnolds Park)-- The Arnolds Park Amusement Park this (Fri.) afternoon made public plans to build a new stage at Preservation Plaza. CEO Jeff Vierkant says the work will start after this coming Labor Day with construction through the winter. It's scheduled for completion in time for the summer of 2022. Vierkant says it will feature a special design...Vierkant03 

"It is really going to be very eye catching. A lot of curves and a lot of turns to it, and our inspiration for it came from the waves on the lake and the profile of the rollercoaster, the waves of grain on our prairies here, something that ties that all in. The stage top itself, the platform will be a similar size (of the current stage), the top will be a bit more grand. I think it will be 52 feet high at its highest point, but yet very open and airy so that we can maintain views through the stage to this beautiful lake."

Vierkant says an anonymous donor has stepped forward to fund the four and-a-half million dollar project, which will also include construction of restrooms and a concession facility.

Vierkant says it will represent the fourth phase of ongoing improvements at Arnolds Park. He says plans down the road include a one and-a-half million dollar renovation of the Legend Rollercoaster.

You can see what the new stage will look like by clicking here.