Area Veterans Urged To Attend "Veterans' Perspective Program" Nov. 6th At The Spencer VFW

Fri 11-1-2019

(Spencer)-- The Clay County Heritage Center, Humanities Iowa and the Clay County Convention and Visitor's Bureau will holding a special program next week that will be of interest to area veterans. Stephanie Horsley of Clay County Heritage tells KUOO news the free program will be held Wednesday, November 6th at the Spencer VFW and will feature Sara Maniscalo Robinson, founder of the Iowa Veterans Perspective organization, as the keynote speaker...Stephanie Horsley01 

"We brought her because we currently have an exhibit about the Cold War and we thought that we would like to get more stories from our local area and with her organization we just though it would be really interesting to have her speak about what she does and how she provides educational opportunities about veterans' stories and experiences for the people of Iowa."

In addition, Horsley says Maniscalo Robinson will also interview local veterans as part of her project.

Horsley adds Wednesday's program goes hand-in-hand with a special exhibit currently on display at the Clay County Heritage Center...Stephanie Horsley02 

"This exhibit is called Conflict, Tension and Prosperity: The Cold War Experience. This first half of the exhibit will be up until right before Christmas and then we're putting, we're changing it out and we'll have a different display about the Cold War from January, about mid-January until June of 2020, and that second half will cover the Vietnam era as well as the space race, just basically the latter half of the Cold War decades." 

Horsley says they're also still looking for artifacts and information regarding the Cold War...Stephanie Horsley03 

"If anybody has something interesting or has a story they would like to share with us, that we could put in the second half of the exhibit, please give us a call at 262-3304 and we would love the hear about it. If you have any actual artifacts or items, they would just be on loan for the duration of the exhibit."

The Clay County Heritage Center is located at 7 Grand Avenue in Spencer.