Area Producers Took Advantage Of Recent Dry Weather To Get Some Corn In The Ground; But More Rain Is Causing New Delays & Concern

Wed 5-8-2019

(Spencer)-- Area producers were able to take advantage of dry weather over this past weekend and earlier in the week to get some fieldwork and planting done. Paul Kassel, a crops specialist with the Iowa State University Extension Service tells KUOO news quite of corn was put into the ground those days, but he says things are back to a standstill...Delayed Planting01 

"I think the USDA National Ag Statistics had us at like 19 percent for the Northwest Crop Reporting District, and I think probably that was as of Sunday, but so probably maybe as much as 40 percent, maybe even half in some areas, and I think there's a few soybeans planted. I think the report had us at one percent or two or three percent. Some larger operators started with the corn and the soybean planting at the same time."

But now Kassel says the return to the wet, cold weather is once again going to cause some delays...Delayed Planting02 

"There's some real concerns there, just like I say we're so wet. The extra rain just really soaks things up and delays us, so. I think there's better weather predicted but if not we're still ahead of last year. But there's always that concern of kind of a repeat of 2013 and a lot of prevented planting acres and that kind of thing. So we're not out of the woods yet but like I said we have made some good progress."

And Kassel says there's still some time to go yet before we reach that critical point to get corn in the ground, which is mid to late May...Delayed Planting03 

"Yeah, nothing real critical yet. If we have a good week or 10 days we could forget all about this. That's what we'll hope for, but there are no guarantees there, either."

Warmer temperatures are in the forecast for the upcoming weekend, but unfortunately there will be another chance for rain on Saturday.