Area Farmers, Especially Those Affected By Flooding, Are Reminded Of Assistance For Planting Cover Crops

Wed 7-11-2018

(Spirit Lake)-- Area farmers, especially those affected by the recent storms and flooding, are being reminded of some assistance that's available to plant cover crops. Maxine Butler of the Dickinson Soil and Water Conservation District tells KUOO news the program covers up to 50 percent of the cost of a project...Cover Crops01 

"Cover crops are available at $25 an acre at a maximum of 160 acres. That's for someone who's never done it before. People who have done cover crops before can sign up for $15 an acre for that same 160. So we thought this year because of all the flooding for those people that have not tried it before and maybe were interested, those flooded out areas would be a perfect time to try cover crops."

Butler says there's no deadline to sign up, but she says there is a limited amount of funds available...Cover Crops02 

"We have a statewide pool of money and once they run out of that of course it will be gone. But at this point they're telling us not to worry, they have plenty of funds available. So the sooner the better if you're interested in signing up. It's a very simple process, just sign up and you'll work with our technicians here in the office. They'll help you with suggestions of what to put in, and they'll write a plan for you and it's very easy."

You can get more information and sign up by calling either the Estherville Natural Resources Conservation Service/Soil and Water Conservation District office at (712) 362-2883, Extension 3, or the Spirit Lake office at 336-3782, Extension 3.