Area Crops Continue To Develop At A Good Pace, Even With Lack Of Rain

Thu 7-22-2021

(Lakefield, Mn.)-- Area crops continue to develop at a good pace, even with the minimal amounts of moisture. Jim Nesseth is a local crops specialist with Extended Ag Services in Lakefield. He tells KUOO news growing degree days continue to run quite a bit ahead of normal with pretty much all of the corn tasseled now...Nesseth Crop Update01 

"Usually, you know, when the corn tassels there's a rule of thumb in agronomy 101 is that it's probably 50 to 55 days away from maturity, the corn is, if we have normal growing degree days accumulation. So that puts us in pretty good shape, Steve. You know we shouldn't have to worry about a frost scare unless something strange happens at the end of August or first part of September, but so we're in good shape are far as crop development."

Having said that, though, Nesseth says we are once again at a critical point for needing rain...Nesseth Crop Update02 

"You know we got through that tasseling and pollination period pretty good with some cooler temperatures and some rainfall. But now it's kernel fill and pod fill and that seed development, so we're going to be at some high moisture demands and basically at this time of year for both corn and soybeans we're going to need about between point two and point three inches per day of utilization is what gets taken up by the plant for both corn and soybeans, so we're going to need some rain. We're still kind of on the edge of that cliff, Steve, and we just, hopefully we can, you know, buy some rain in the next week or two."

Some scattered light showers have been showing up on radar this (Thurs.) morning across portions of southwest Minnesota, mainly along and north of Interstate 90. An additional chance for rain is in the forecast for Friday night.