Aquatic Herbicide Bill Introduced In Iowa House

Mon 2-19-2018

            (Okoboji)-- A local legislator says he's hopefully optimistic a bill he authored will become law in this session of the Iowa Legislature. State Representative John Wills announced Saturday at a legislative forum the bill would establish a harsh penalty for anyone caught putting herbicide in the lake without the necessary certification...Aquatic Herbicide Bill01 

            "It is a bill specifically designed to stop the spread of herbicides and chemical in the Iowa Great Lakes by anybody that is not a certified aquatic pesticide applicator. And if you do apply herbicides in our lakes and you're not a pesticide applicator, an aquatic pesticide applicator, then you will be fined $1,000."

Wills says the presence of curly leaf pond weed in the Iowa Great Lakes is what prompted the bill...Aquatic Herbicide Bill02 

"We all know because of the curly leaf pond weed that you have people...friends, neighbors, just out there on the dock spreading 2-4-D and all kinds of other stuff that is not good for our water, not good for our drinking water, and this bill will stop it. This bill, if it doesn't stop it, it will definitely put a staunch penalty towards it."

Wills says the bill survived last week's funnel deadline by passing through the House Ag Committee.