AP Council Opts Not To Revise Ordinance Pertaining To Fireworks Usage

Thu 6-15-2017

(Arnolds Park)-- Another lakes area city has opted not to revise it's ordinance when it comes to fireworks usage. The Arnolds Park City Council last (Wed.) evening took no action on the matter, meaning the usage of fireworks in that city without a permit is still illegal. Police Chief Al Krueger requested the council to keep things the same when it comes to that...AP Fireworks 

"I know they sell it here, we can't stop that, but we answer the calls when we can on the use of fireworks and we'll continue to do that. But now we have some teeth to where we can put a halt to the use of fireworks."

A number of other cities in the area have also opted to continue a ban on the use of fireworks within their jurisdictions, as the number of outlets selling consumer grade fireworks continues to grow.