AP City Council Addresses Drainage Issue; Reviews 2017 Statistics From AP-O Fire And Rescue

Thu 7-12-2018

(Arnolds Park)-- The Arnolds Park city council last (Wed.) evening took action to address a drainage issue at 537 West Okoboji Road. The property owner requested the council take action to correct a situation he says has been ongoing for the past several years. The council directed the city engineer to amend a contract for another project in that same area to include the extension of curb and gutter along that portion of West Okoboji Road as well as installing a storm sewer in the vicinity.

The council also approved a request from the Arnolds Park-Okoboji Fire Department to install a car-port type structure near the Arnolds Park fire station that would cover an equipment trailer. Chief Chris Yungbluth also updated the council on the department's statistics from 2017...APO Report 

"We had 46 total fire calls, and again still the majority of them are alarms, 7 hazardous material responses, 5 structure fires which is a-typical for a town our size. Normally we see, a town our size will see 1 structure fire average per year. We've been maintaining that little bit higher level on that. 5 water rescue calls last year, 4 motor vehicle crashes and miscellaneous stuff there. EMS responses, 185 for the year and special events, meetings and trainings, your volunteers attended 275 total events for 2017 that they either staffed or attended meetings."

Yungbluth says 55 percent of the department's responses in 2017 were in Arnolds Park; 39 percent in Okoboji, and six percent were either mutual aid, on the lake, or in other places.