Another Spencer Manufacturer Will Be Shutting Down Operations

Thu 3-7-2019

(Spencer)-- Another Spencer manufacturer will be shutting down operations.

It was announced today (Thurs.) Thurston Manufacturing will be ceasing production in Spencer and moving those operations to the company's main facility in Thurston, Nebraska.

Thurston Manufacturing Company purchased what formerly was Simonsen Iron Works in Spencer in 2013. The company had been providing contract manufacturing services out of the Spencer location under the Simonsen Iron Works brand name, as well as producing ChuckWagon Mobile Grilling Systems.

KUOO news contacted Thurston Manufacturing Company President Nick Jensen, who declined an interview. In a press release, Jensen said they are saddened to be leaving the Spencer community, adding they have “an incredible group of people at the Spencer facility that we enjoyed having as part of our Thurston family.”

The release doesn't say how many people work at the Spencer location, or when the Spencer site will be closed.