Another Reminder Not To Be Flushing Certain Things Down The Toilet

Wed 3-25-2020

(Undated)-- Another reminder to not be flushing certain things down the toilet. 

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources warns items such as flushable wipes, disinfecting wipes, surface cleaning wipes, and baby wipes, even though advertised as being flushable, are not recommended for disposal down a toilet. The agency says diapers, paper towels, tissues and feminine hygiene products also should not be flushed. They say items like that should be bagged and put in with the trash. 

The DNR says even though the products may not clog the sewer system at your residence, when deposited together, in an entire community, can pose a serious risk of overwhelming a community's sewer system. They say that could lead to backups of sewage into homes as well as overflows into the environment, causing additional health risks. It can also result in pump failures that are both time consuming and costly to repair.