Another Mass COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic Is Planned For The Region

Mon 4-5-2021

(Spencer)-- Another mass COVID-19 vaccination clinic is planned in the area. This one is scheduled for this Saturday, April 10th at the Spencer Field House at Spencer High School. It will be going on that day from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. Susan Zulk of Spencer Hospital says it will be open to anyone 16 and older...Zulk & Vaccination Clinic01 

"We're actually working with Estherville Pharmacy to provide a mass clinic of Pfizer vaccine and so they're going to have nearly 1,200 doses available. Estherville Pharmacy gets that through a federal allocation and so that's coming directly to them and we'll be working with them. That's going to be held at Spencer High School and then people will need to use the south entrance and all that information, all those details are on when they register. It's this Saturday, April 10th from 9:00 to 5:00. The Pfizer is also a two dose series like the Moderna and so the second dose is given three weeks later, so May 1st we'll have a coordinating clinic with that. So we would like people to be available. If for some reason they're not available they would have to find elsewhere to get their second dose because that will be the only day we'll have that Pfizer vaccine."

Zulk adds the clinic is open to people from throughout the region...Zulk & Vaccination Clinic02 

"And we also want to stress that, you know, with this federal allocation of vaccine there is absolutely no county or state residency requirements. Anyone is welcome. So if you have family around for the weekend from elsewhere that haven't been able to get a vaccine they can absolutely get it done in Spencer. Just schedule their appointment ahead of time."

You can sign up for an appointment time for Saturday's vaccination clinic online at or by visiting the Spencer Hospital Facebook page.