Another Area City And Postal Service Reminds Residents To Clear Sidewalks Of Snow And Ice

Wed 12-5-2018

(Estherville)-- Another area city is reminding its residents about snow removal policies and procedures.

In Estherville, City Administrator Penny Clayton says snow must be removed from the full width of public sidewalks and that they must be repeatedly cleared if they're filled back in by plows or drifting. Those who live on corner lots are required to clear snow from pedestrian ramps where the sidewalk meets the street. Clayton says city staff will conduct random inspections 24 hours after any snowfall ends. She says non-compliance may also result in snow removal by the city, with costs being assessed against the property owner, who may also be subject to a misdemeanor.

Clayton adds it's illegal to park on any city street in Estherville for more than an 18-hour period. She says violators will be ticketed and may have their vehicle towed away.

In addition, Clayton says residents and contractors are reminded not to put piles of snow on sidewalks or driveways that may limit visibility.

On a related note, officials with area post offices remind residents to keep paths to their mailboxes clear of snow and ice, and to make sure access to mailboxes isn't limited by holiday decorations. The Postal Service says letter carriers are instructed not to deliver to any mailboxes and locations that are too difficult or unsafe to access.