Another 212 People Go Through Dickinson County Test Iowa Clinic Tuesday

Wed 6-24-2020

(Spirit Lake)-- The Test Iowa Clinic at the Dickinson County Fairgrounds has been up and running since Monday and officials say the site continues to see a good flow of traffic. Jennifer Gustafson of Lakes Regional Healthcare tells KUOO news more than 200 people were tested again on Tuesday...Test Iowa Update01 

"On Monday we tested 254 people, so it was a really busy day. And then yesterday, Tuesday, we tested 212 people. So it was a pretty steady flow of people going through the clinic and I think people enjoyed it and appreciated getting through quickly."

Gustafson says they are highly encouraging everyone to get tested...Test Iowa Update02 

"So really it doesn't matter what age you are. Everyone is encouraged to come through. We do think though that if you do have symptoms of COVID-19 that we would encourage you instead to first call our respiratory clinic. That number is 712-336-6696. The reason for that is because we would like to just kind of ask you a few questions and maybe have you get tested through the respiratory clinic instead of Test Iowa because then we would be able to assess you and see if maybe you are sicker than what you maybe think you are otherwise."

She again reminds everyone that prior to physically going to the Test Iowa clinic, you need to first complete the online assessment at Test Iowa dot com. When filling it out, you will be asked what Test Iowa site you wish to go to. As we reported Tuesday, the Spirit Lake location isn't listed there. At the bottom, choose other options and select the clinics option, where you will then see the local site listed.

Gustafson also says if you do want to get tested, you should do it now sooner than later. She says once the number of those going through the local Test Iowa clinic starts to drop, the state will likely move it somewhere else.