Annual Storm Spotter Training Seminar For Clay & Dickinson Counties To Be Held Tues. (May 8th)

Mon 5-7-2018

             (Spencer)-- Those interested in severe weather, especially storm spotters and those interested in becoming one, are invited to an event tomorrow (Tues.) evening at the Clay County Regional Events Center in Spencer. Mike Ehret, Dickinson County Emergency Management Coordinator tells KUOO news the annual storm spotter class for Clay and Dickinson counties will be held...Storm Spotter Class01 

            "Whether or not you have severe weather or weather in general that interests you it's a good class to go to and sit through. Beside from a lot of neat video and the photos from the last year or two, it's a lot of good information on how thunderstorms develop and why some of them have tornadoes and some don't and why some hail, and so forth, why they do some things and why they don't. So yeah, if you have any kind of interest in weather or want to learn more about thunderstorms and how to be safe when thunderstorms approach and be prepared and that sort of thing, it's definitely a good class to check out and go to."

The event is free and pre-registration isn't required...Storm Spotter Class02 

"We'll start at 7:00. It usually runs around two hours or so, so people should be out of there by 9:00 or maybe a little after. It's completely interactive with meteorologists from the National Weather Service. Folks can ask questions and so forth. It's just really a good presentation and a lot of good information. Even if you've gone in past years I encourage everyone to attend again because you always learn something new each year."

Again tomorrow (Tues.) evening's seminar starts at 7:00 pm at the Clay County Regional Events Center and is open to anyone interested.