Alliant Energy Says It's Getting Reports From Customers Getting Calls From Scammers Threatening To Shut Their Power Off

Fri 2-14-2020

(Undated)-- Officials with Alliant Energy say they've been hearing from customers in recent days who have been getting calls from someone pretending to be with the company threatening to shut off their power for lack of payment. 

Alliant Energy officials say the company does NOT call customers demanding immediate payment, and that they do not ask customers to purchase prepaid debit cards, nor do they ask for payment through email.

They say the scammers are becoming more and more sophisticated as it appears as though the calls are coming from Alliant Energy.

Utility customers who get such a call should simply hang up. If you do have a question or concern about your bill, you should contact your utility provider at the number listed on your billing statement. Or in the case of Alliant Energy, 1-800-ALLIANT (800-255-4268).