Alliant Energy Completes Removal Of Substation At Arnolds Park Green Space

Thu 5-21-2020

(Arnolds Park)-- If you've been on West Broadway Avenue in Arnolds Park near the green space recently chances are you've noticed something no longer there. Alliant Energy has completed the removal of an electric substation that had been in that area many years. Mayor Jim Hussong says the city is grateful to Alliant Energy for the work they did...Hussong & Substation Removal01 

"They did a great job. They spent a lot of money but it's always been kind of a sore spot on the green space at Arnolds Park. And they knew it, but it was very expensive for them to move it. I can't speak for sure on that, but I think as the area has grown there needed to be additional power and so they worked together and took it out."

Hussong says the city plans to convert the area to additional parking...Hussong & Substation Removal02 

"Now that that's gone we're going to do a little bit of reorganizing there and we 're hoping to add about 40 parking spots right along Broadway going down through, so. We're kind of excited about that. We have a new beautiful area and we have additional parking that Arnolds Park always needs."

Hussong says the project will go out for bid sometime in the next month or two.

Crews currently are continuing to clean up and seed the area.