Alexandra Cousteau cancels Okoboji Blue Water Festival appearance due to Medical Emergency

Fri 8-9-2019 37 Lake Street, Arnolds Park, IA

(Arnolds Park)-The Okoboji Protective Association and The Okoboji Blue Water Festival have received word that Keynote Speaker Alexandra Cousteau will not be appearing at the Festival, where she was scheduled to speak at 3 pm on Saturday, August 10.

Publicity Director Steve Weisman says, Cousteau is under doctor's orders not to travel:

Cousteau cancels appearance 

"I talked to (Festival Founder) Greg Drees earlier this morning and he got notification late yesterday that Alexandra Cousteau had a medical emergency.  The doctors will not let her travel.  I don't think it's life threatening or anything like that but, it's just something that she can't travel.  Greg, of course, expresses his regret and feels badly about this, but he has, in the last few hours, put together what I think will be an incredible panel of clean water authorities that will take that 3 pm time slot on Saturday.  They are people who were coming to the concert and everything so they were going to be here, and I think it's going to be an excellent panel.  Again, Greg expresses his regrets, but it's one of those things and you just move on, and we've got a great day planned anyway, so, it's still going to be a wonderful Blue Water Festival, but just wanted everybody to know."

The Panel Discussion will take place at 3 pm at Preservation Plaza at the Festival Tent.

The Okoboji Blue Water Festival will feature a full day of clean water themed activities, and the evening concert featuring Bruce Hornsby & The Noisemakers and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Legend Dave Mason.