Ag Officials Say Area Crops Escaped Recent Cold Snap Relatively Unscathed

Thu 5-14-2020

(Lakefield, Mn.)-- Area crops, for the most part, escaped any serious damage from the unseasonably cool weather recently. However, Andy Nesseth of Extended Ag Services of Lakefield says there are some places where some corn plants got nipped a little...Andy Nesseth 

"We did see some damage on some corn up in our neck of the woods here. Nothing real, real, bad, just some burnt edges and some pale looking corn that's not real happy right now but again, no re-plant issues. Just some minor setbacks. Again we just need some heat to get going and it looks like next week we'll be off to the races, so."

Nesseth says they're also seeing some uneven emergence of corn and beans, but it doesn't seem to be enough to warrant re-planting.

Nesseth adds the dry spring has prevented the activation of some pre-emergence herbicide, so producers will need to go in soon with a post emergence treatment to get a handle on any weed issues.