After Being At Or Among The Highest In The State, A Public Health Official Says Dickinson County's Positivity Rate Appears To Be Headed Downward Once Again

Wed 4-28-2021

(Spirit Lake)-- After having one of the highest COVID infection rates in the state over the past couple of weeks, Dickinson county's positivity rate appears to be headed down once again. Katy Burke of Dickinson County Public Health gave an update at Tuesday's Board of Supervisors meeting...Burke Update03 (1) 

"What we are seeing for infection rates in Dickinson county, the last 14 days we're at 7.5 percent and we are trending down right now. For seven days we were at five percent. I do want to take in consideration though that last week we were at 10.9 percent which was double which we were seeing in Iowa. So we have been historically one of the highest counties in the state. We're glad to see it trending down, that is great. But we are still at that five percent for the last seven days."

Burke also gave an update on vaccinations in Dickinson county...Burke Update04 (1) 

"Dickinson County Public Health has given 7,800 doses of vaccine and according to Iowa Department of Public Health we have about 6,000 fully vaccinated individuals, residents, in Dickinson county, so that gets us to about 35 percent at right now, at the rates."

Dickinson County Public Health will hold another walk-in vaccination clinic tomorrow (Thurs.) from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm at the Lakes Area Senior Center in Spirit Lake.